SUSANNA NEW YEARHappy New Year to everyone. I pray that the coming year is one of the finest for your families and that it is filled with excitement and wonder.

Like many of you, I love the New Year and the sense of expectation it brings. Many of us make New Year’s Resolutions and whether they be health related, relationships or personal growth, it’s good to take a good look at ourselves and really consider where we would like to be as this new year comes to a close.

So, being 2 weeks into the New Year I am asking myself and those of you who are reading this article, “How’s it going?” Are you sticking to your plan? Have you verbalised your plan to anyone or are you going it alone and just trying to stay on top of what you have promised yourself?

As someone who is possibly a little older and perhaps one who has celebrated a seen a few more New Year’s come and go, can I encourage you to keep going. Whatever you have decided to be your new thing, new decision, new choice in 2014 keep going. Keep moving forward and every day make small decisions that will breathe life into your goals.

Keep looking forward and let your mind imagine what the end of the year will feel like if you stick to your plan of ‘New Year New You’. Why not create a vision board or write down weekly & monthly goals and tick them off as you go. If you’re brave enough, share them with your family and get them on board, especially if one of your goals is fitness. Imagine exploring the great outdoors and healthy living as a family. What a joy.

I sign off today with a smile on my face as I think about all the beautiful families we get the honor of partnering with. I can’t wait to see your family travel through 2014 with strength, courage, much love and a lot of laughter.

Happy New Year,

Susanna Bateman