Humans have spent the last 100 years “improving and bettering” food. Apparently 80% of products in a modern supermarket didn’t exist back then How have we benefited? While there is no doubt some change has been for the better there is an mounting evidence than diets were healthier back then! We are strongly encouraged to eat food in its natural state. What has this to do with boxes you may ask?  Well, many advancements have been made in child development, different toys and games and puzzles etc but today I thought we could strip it all back, refer back to the past and celebrate the humble cardbox box. A favourite “toy” for generations.  So here are our favourite things to do with a cardboard box.

  1. fort1. Build a fort. While it probably isn’t that common to have that many boxes on hand,  it was undoubtedly the most fun part of moving house last time! Involve your children in the building or a fort, playing in it and of course knocking it down!
  2. Make a sensory box, put different textured things into am empty tissue box and let your child guess what it in there.
  3. busA simple marker pen can transform a tissue box into a pretty cool bus! Your child could also draw or paint it any colour they want.
  4. Look further into the packaging; using the padding of things as dividers you can turn a large box into a pretty great zoo or farm.
  5. Pull apart a large box and you have a great big piece of cardboard to create artwork on!
  6. A very large box can be a cubby house all on its own!
  7. dollhouseStick several small boxes together with the openings all facing the same way into a dollhouse, you could add a cardboard roof and decorate it however you like!
  8. Use a large or tall box to make your own “jack in a box”