I saw this video this week and it captivated me. I was amazed at how powerful perspective is and how, at times, we get lost in the midst of life. This rings true when it comes to parenting, especially in the younger years. I remember when the kids were all little ones and how exhausting the days could be. Some days literally felt like groundhog day. Same thing, same time, seemingly the same day over-and-over. The same fight every day hour after hour. There was no end to the mundane and the hard.

Whether it be the buzzer on the washing machine, the constant request for snacks, food and the need of the toilet and a wipe. Or the questions that always resulted in the question Why? Oh, the days drifted into one another, the weeks became months and the months years. That feeling of being lost, neck deep in onesie’s and nappies.

The video that I’m sharing below captivated me and helped me see, that all the days, the tears, the times I messed up and made mistakes I made – could they possibly be the things that my kids hold on to? Could they actually be the things that have provided the beautiful memories of their childhood? Could I have possibly misunderstood that the times I got frustrated they saw fun and laughter? The times they broke things and I collapsed in a heap wondering how we would rectify a situation could have been the moments that they experienced the most joy? The times I was frustrated with them because they wouldn’t sit still when I tried to put them into their car restraints when I showed my anger, did they actually see me being funny?

I love the child’s perspective and I love that in my frustration they may have seen love, fun, joy and hilarity.

May you enjoy this as much as I have…

Much love,

Susanna #littlemiraclescommunity