Well, friends, I have some more good news for you.

It’s time parents poured themselves a cup of tea, put their feet up and relaxed. No more rushing around and making sure your children’s lives are picture perfect and they achieve everything at an early age. All that stuff that has almost crippled parents over the last 10-15 years is apparently no longer useful or helpful.

According to Ted Talks and their guest Julie Lythcott-Haims we need to stop doing it all and putting unrealistic pressure on our kids. In fact, perhaps the simple act of Household Chores may be the exact thing kids need these days. Who knew that vacuuming, dusting and making your bed could make you successful? Watch the YouTube video below.

Well, Ms Lythcott-Haims isn’t alone.

Another great example of small achievements and their eventual expansion is Adm. McRaven, a Navy Seal. He has shared his understanding of something as simple as making a bed every morning in his University of Texas commencement speech. He spoke about basic training and how making your bed was the start to a successful day which leads to a successful life. Over 8.6 million people have watched that video and it resonated with so many – definitely one to watch.

So parents, take a load off, pull back the layers of stress and give your kids jobs to do. Start small, but let them do it. Don’t expect the world and don’t expect your house to be brought into ship shape by your little one, but rather give them small achievable tasks that they can help with and build from there.

Let the words of Ms Lythcott-Haims and Adm. McRaven encourage you. Chores are an important part of the development and perhaps not today or when the dishwasher is calling or the floor needs sweeping or a bed requires making but in years to come, your children will thank you for the valuable lessons they will gain from the seemingly most insignificant of tasks. It all matters.