Hello lovely Little Miracles families….. I pray this update finds you all well and thriving in evey area of life. As you know, I have been in Rwanda for the past two weeks and Rwanda has been absolutley amazing. We are home on the 10th, just in time to celebrate Mother’s Day with my darling family.
It has been a truly fantastic trip. We have had the incredible honor to impact approximately 7,000 Rwandan children – this week alone. We have had the opportunity to teach 120 teachers in Early Childhood. Their hunger to learn has indeed been both humbling and inspiring. Seeing, first-hand, these beautiful teachers inhale all that we have has definitely changed me on the inside. I’ve read that when you give to others through investing into lives and stepping beyond yourself, you (in turn) are refreshed and recharged. I now know that to be an absolute reality. I’m so grateful for these two weeks that have allowed me to pour over people.
Here are some interesting thoughts in regards to the teachers we are helping;
  • Some teachers have over 80 children in their classroom. 80 children and no support teachers. Other classes go from 70-25 but the average would be about 50/class. Can you believe the class sizes? They do it, they make it happen and they are so ready to learn how to do it well. They loved learning that they didn’t have to teach so traditionally and they could use other ideas we shared with them. Imagine, teaching 80 children every day, all day. We have been so exciting sharing our early childhood program with them.
  • Most of these teachers have never played games themselves let alone know how to teach with games, music and fun the way we do. It is a whole new concept for them. The teachers themselves don’t have very good Fine Motor skills such as cutting, folding etc., because they haven’t played with play dough, balls, rattles, cars, dolls, blocks, or any toys for that matter. They had no concept of the importance of play to develop social skills, confidence or visual awareness. It’s a whole new world for them. Needless to say, they grabbed hold of these tools and were so excited to go back and put it all into practice.
I am returning home, reminded about how blessed our children are and how we have the opportunity to make a difference in our world. Our children have such amazing futures ahead of them and it is our responsibility to help them discover the gifts that are within them.
As a woman of faith, I am overwhelmed at how God has given me the opportunity to love the poor and “suffer the little children to come into Him”. My mind is racing with what God might want me to do going forward. I pray I will be shown how and what, so I can leave a legacy for my children and grandchildren in extending the love of God across the planet.
I return home, motivated, inspired and moved by the greatest of all LOVE.
Much love,
Susanna xoxo