Welcome to the February Magazine


With Easter fast approaching, this month the children are excitedly looking towards their Easter Hat parades. For details of the date/time of your childs parade, please see you centre communications.

Easy Easter treats to make with your little miracles at home!


Get the kids involved in making these sweet treats for Easter! Have a fun afternoon decorating bunny biscuits or keep them busy baking a delicious Easter brownie! Click here for some great ideas.

Playtime with Robbie and Susie

This month we revisit episode I of Playtime with Robbie and Susie.

Insects itching i i i, see what else goes ‘i’.

On this episode we explore the theme of Easter. Did you know easter is only a few short weeks away?
Come on an egg hunt with us, read a story about Easter and even make some cute bunny ears.


Book of the Month

The Midnight Possum read by educator Anna. 

Possum loved the deep dark. But when the Moon rose high in the sky, he loved midnight even more. One night the midnight possum meets a mother who has lost her baby and so he bravely climbs down a chimney, into a house guarded by a dog and a cat, to find the little lost possum.
Happy reading!

Mindful Moments

Tam is feeling stiff and sore after being scrunched up watching a trail of ants. Doing some ‘tree stretching’ helps their bodies and minds feel happier. Click here to follow along.