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BaliLife Foundation

Rob and Susanna Bateman, founders of Little Miracles, have been supporting BaliLife Foundation for many years now. And as their legacy continues with their children, the Bateman family and even educators from Little Miracles continue their support through mission trips, teacher training and support through any area they can.

This is the story of Piter Panjaitan and Bali Life Foundation’s mission to bring hope, dignity, and purpose to the disadvantaged in Bali and Indonesia.

Losing his father as a teenager while living in poor economic conditions in one of Indonesia’s roughest neighbourhoods, Piter had to develop a tough character at a young age. Dealing with ADHD & MADD, anger issues, and panic attacks challenged him and often led to trouble. Despite these challenges, guided by his mother’s teachings of empathy and caring for others, he has grown into the man he is today – a kind and compassionate individual leading a dedicated team at Bali Life Foundation.

Their mission is to empower those affected by poverty and educate ten thousand children in ten years. The entire film was skillfully crafted in just 7 days by students participating in a non-profit documentary workshop for aspiring Indonesian filmmakers. We couldn’t be prouder of their passion and dedication, showing that with the right intention, anything is achievable.

About BaliLife Foundation: We are a small charity with a big heart. We provide love and care to those in Bali who are disillusioned and underprivileged, with the aim of giving them hope, dignity and purpose. Help us give them the opportunity they need to escape the slums and reach their potential.


Playtime with Robbie and Susie

This month we revisit episode G of Playtime with Robbie and Susie.

On today’s episode of Hometime with Robbie and Susie we are going to be exploring Australian Animals, in particular Possums. We even had a visitor from a friend at Wildlife Arc who brought in a very cute ringtail possum. http://wildlife-arc.org.au/ https://www.wires.org.au/wildlife-inf…

Sleep Safe

Here at Little Miracles, educators are required to follow the Red Nose safe sleep guidelines set out in the Sleep, Rest, Relaxation and Clothing policy. We understand that all of your little ones have their unique patterns for sleep and rest but it is also of the highest importance that our educators adhere to these safety measures to protect your precious children. Family needs will be met provided they meet safe sleeping guidelines and the service’s policies

We will provide all children with a safe sleep surface following these guidelines. This may be a cot or a bed on the floor. Importantly:  quilts, doonas, pillows, soft toys, cot bumpers or lamb’s wool will not be used in cots, even if the child is older than 12 months of age. These pose a significant suffocation risk.

In order to help us to support your child’s sleep or rest time we do require you to bring:

  • A fitted cot sheet set (76 x 135 x 19cm) for rest time which is clearly labelled.

  • If your child uses a sleeping bag. This will need a fitted neck and arm holes but no hood. These may be used instead of blankets and are recommended for children 0 – 12 months.

  • If you child uses a wrap, it must be made from lightweight material like muslin or cotton. Baby’s arms will need to be free from wraps once startle reflex disappears (around 3 months old), no wraps used if babies can roll from back to front to back again.

  • Your child may choose to have a dummy to go to sleep. If the dummy falls out during the sleep, educators will leave it out. Dummy chains will not be used in care as they are a choking hazard.

We love to care for your children and support them to have a restful sleep during their time in care. Please feel free to speak to your child’s educators for any further clarification so we can work together to create a lovely home away from home environment.