Welcome to the September Magazine

Summer routine starts in October – reminders about spare clothes for water play, hats, sunscreen and water bottles

September Book of the Month

“A week in someone else’s hooves” read by educator Anna.

The latest BaliLife Update

About BaliLife Foundation: We are a small charity with a big heart. We provide love and care to those in Bali who are disillusioned and underprivileged, with the aim of giving them hope, dignity and purpose. Help us give them the opportunity they need to escape the slums and reach their potential.

Playtime with Robbie and Susie

This month we revisit episode F of Playtime with Robbie and Susie.

Welcome back to another week of hometime with Robbie and Susie. This time we are exploring Australia and our very own Australian animals! Let’s start with wombats….we will read ‘wombat stew’, dance the wombat wobble, and even create our own wombat stew…. Come and join us!

Cute baby wombats

Wombat Wednesday with Emma Memma in Auslan