At times it feels like life can move faster than the speed of light. If you remember back to your Science classes at school and the lessons you learned, light moves very fast and sometimes it feels like we’ve been caught in it’s stream.

I remember back to the days when my kids were little and their countless stories, art projects, new dance moves and everything else they needed my attention. I recall those moments when I felt overwhelmed by the demands of my life. Truly, it felt like I was being pulled in 10,000 different directions and I didn’t feel like I was giving my full attention to anything.

Thankfully, during those years I chose to STOP and ‘Take Time to Smell the Roses’ with my children. I realised that the time I had with them as little ones would truly be the thing that travelled at the speed of light. Now, being a grandmother to my kid’s children, I look back and realise that those years did, indeed fly.

So, as you find yourself being stretched can I encourage you to just breath and take the time to savour the moments with your children. When they are begging for your attention do whatever you can to give it to them. For some, that may mean putting your mobile phone on silent, for others, it’s turning the computer or the television off. Maybe it’s giving Social Media a rest. It may be as simple as getting to bed a little earlier each night so that your day doesn’t seem so long and your fuse at the end of the day short.

Find some time and space to hear your children, look into their eyes, hold their sweet faces in your hands and let them know that at that moment the only thing that matters is them!

Life moves fast, and it’s demanding, and the pressure can easily get to all of us. It creeps in and before we know it, days, weeks and months have flashed by. STOP…. And Smell the Roses. They are so worth smelling. Don’t move so fast that we miss the signs in our home, the messages that are being delivered and the cries for attention that are well deserved. Enjoy.

Much love,

Susanna #littlemiraclescommunity