I returned home from the beach last week, rushed the children straight into the shower and caught sight of the back of my arm in the mirror, it was sunburnt.  I immediately started checking every inch of the girls to make sure they hadn’t been burnt as well. Of course they hadn’t,  how could they? I had sun creamed them twice all the while ensuring they had hats, water bottles, snacks, shade etc. The only sunburnt, hungry and thirsty one was me. Sound familiar?

As parents we put our children first, naturally, but there comes a point where we have to care for ourselves as well, in this case giving the children 10 minutes less at the beach while I had got myself properly ready would have prevented getting sunburnt and I might have even had a snack or drink for myself.  We have to remember that it is ok to look after ourselves, even put ourselves first on occasion. Whether for you that means picking the kids up a little later and enjoying some time to yourself, missing that playgroup/playdate and staying home for a rest day or buying the snacks rather than baking yourself it’s ok. We are better parents and better people if sometimes we take a step back, don’t push ourselves so hard and take care of ourselves as well as our children. You are already doing an awesome job as parents, you deserve it.