We wanted to share the below excerpt from the latest Bali Life newsletter, as always, we thank our amazing families for supporting our fundraising efforts and making a lot of this possible. We also wish to tank our amazing staff who donate their  time to going to visit Bali Life and also those working hard on the fundraising here in Australia.


“Once again Little Miracles has been a blessing to Bali Life. Their regular visits, providing resources and teacher training is a big part of our educational programs. In April our Children’s Home was also blessed with five new bicycles from Little Miracles. Our kids love having the new bikes to ride. Thank you to all who were part of this donation! Little Miracles not only spends time in the children’s home and Harapan Bunda school, but they also head to the street centre and run some activities, lessons and sharing stories with our women and children there. we are grateful for the influence of Little Miracles in all departments of Bali Life.”