Last week Rob and I and some of our family and friends travelled to Bali to celebrate the wedding of one of our cherished team members, Bethany. It was a lavish wedding filled with love, laughter, family and friends. In fact, it was a wedding to remember, not only was the wedding itself beautiful but the lead up was planned to perfection with outings and visiting tourist locations, giving many of the guests an opportunity to connect through the varied outings which lead into the wedding making it more even more of a fun celebration of love.

The wedding was a beautiful example of friends, community and the love of a family celebrating their daughter and her new husband.

After returning home I quickly changed gears as prep needed to begin for Rob’s family who was arriving from the US. Rob’s brother and family were on their way for a visit and we were all excited to see them. We’ve spent nights at the farm building bonfires, sharing meals together, telling stories, laughing and walking down memory lane. It has been wonderful to have everyone around and together. My grandchildren spending time with their great aunt and uncle, everyone seeing family resemblances and hearing stories of Pa when he was a boy. These are things that can’t be erased and need to be shared.

I guess the point of my article this week is to remind us all that family is important as are friendships. Both can be complicated and at times messy, there is pain and dysfunction within every family and for some, I understand the pain is unimaginable and pain that shouldn’t exist. If you’re reading this and you’ve experienced that kind of pain, my heart is with you. Know that you are loved and we stand with you and perhaps for your friends have become more of the family you desired and longed for. My hope is that you know the love of family in a form that helps to heal your pain and hurt.

I think about the devastating situation in the US right now where children have been torn from their parents and the heartache that must be for both parents and frightened children. It breaks my heart to hear the stories and to see the pain on the faces of the people. Knowing all of that and following my experience of Bethany’s wedding and the days I’ve had with Rob’s family I encourage all of us to hold one another tightly. Share love, speak from the heart and be kind to one another. To our families and to the friends who have become family.

Life really does fly by so take the moments and make them last a lifetime. Below are a few simple ideas to help you create space to be with one another, no strings attached just simple ways of being:

  • Build a fire and sit around it. I’m always amazed at how a fire brings people together and how conversation flows.
  • Go for a walk on the beach or a bush walk
  • Play a board game or find an open field and play footie or soccer
  • Create a fun scavenger hunt and build teams and explore the world around you.

Much love to you and your friends and family,

Susanna #littlemiracles