We’ve heard it said that laughter is the best medicine. In fact, most doctors and health practitioners would say that a good belly laugh is good for us in more ways than we can even imagine. A good laugh releases endorphins that change the chemical balance of our being.

Personally, I love laughing and I love hearing laughter echo throughout our home. Finding something to laugh about each day is one of my priorities and I live the benefits daily.

Are you laughing? Is there laughter in your home? Or, has joy been robbed through the pressures of life, bills that need to be paid, schedules that are crowding every moment of the day? Has laughter escaped and replaced with angst, frustration and fear or even anger? If so, don’t worry because you aren’t alone. Current research tells us that people are crumbing under the pressures of everyday life. Families are stretched and challenged and one of the casualties of this current climate is the loss of joy and laughter. It happens to everyone, stress tends to creep in, even when we don’t realise.

I want to encourage you to take some time and find your joy. Let laughter make its way back into your homes. How do you do that? How does one actually search laughter and joy out and bring it back into the equation?

Allow me to share a few thoughts that may help you discover joy and ultimately (hopefully) end with a belly laugh that leaves you aching from laughter:

  1. Get down on the floor and have a tickle time with your kids. Let them tickle you and be free
  2. Watch a funny movie
  3. Tell funny stories
  4. Watch reruns of Funniest Home Videos
  5. Watch video fails – they are always funny
  6. Find a comedian that appeals to your sense of humour
  7. Laugh at yourself – Don’t be afraid to do this, it is an incredible feeling
  8. Take a trip to the zoo and watch the chimpanzees – they always make us smile
  9. Play a game of Charades
  10. Play cards – Cheat is a great game that brings out a lot of laughter

Here’s a little throw back video that has always made us smile. Most of you have probably seen this one but it always sparks laughter. I just love this guy!

These are just a few ideas that I hope will help you bring laughter back into your homes and lives because it is, indeed, the best medicine.

Much love,

Susanna (remember to follow us on Intsgram and check out our #littlemiraclescommunity hashtag)