I recently read something about a ‘Family Code of Conduct’ that I thought I would share with you. It’s something that I believe is wisdom, especially in this day and age of increased technology and the amount of connectivity your children have. This is something that I can see helping you as you discipline your children, as you help them grow and develop into the wonderful people you have been blessed to raise.

Providing healthy, meaninful structure will help you as you endeavour to build your family. It erases confusion and provides stability in the home. As you read this, I want to remind you that the code needs to add value to your family and it needs to let everyone know they are significant. If done correctly, it should be an empowering tool for the family as a whole and every individual. I really hope you enjoy:

The Family Code of Conduct
I have heard it said that if you stand for nothing you are at risk of falling for anything. What a powerful thought and an extremely bold statement.

As I think about this statement, I find myself thinking about my own life and our family and how important it is that my husband and I established values and beliefs within ourselves and our home. Not only do we need to establish them but we need to live them (ourselves) and implement them into our children’s lives. Having done so and looking back over the last 5 years I can see how our family has been saved from situations and circumstances simply because we knew exactly where we stood personally and corporately; as a family.

As a young mother I was determined that my husband and I would raise strong, confident, compassionate children. We realised that in order to do so, we had to make some rules and create boundary lines for our children providing them space to grow and mature. We needed to create a culture in our home so our children knew what we stood for. We needed to create a foundation on which our children could confidently stand.

This brings me to the Code of Conduct. What is a Code of Conduct?

‘A set of conventional principles and expectations that are considered binding on any person who is a member of a particular group’.

In considering the initial statement and then understanding what a Code of Conduct was, we decided that we needed to establish our own, Family Code of Conduct, allowing each family member the ability to know exactly what we as family stood for and what the expectations were for everyone in the family. Through this, the grey is erased, everyone is on solid, common ground and together our family moved forward, learning and growing together.

Important to note: We weren’t naïve enough to think that something like this would save us from possible heart ache, pain and tears that will be shed over the years. However, I do believe that when there is a common goal and a thread that brings us together as families, when we know what we stand for, falling for anything else is a lot harder. When we come face-to-face with the possibility of falling that’s the moment when we hear that still small voice that calls us back and helps us to stand in the midst of craziness, strangeness, darkness and confusion.

Whatever the age of your children talk to them and together; establish your own Family Code of Conduct.