We walked past the K-Mart wishing tree the other day prompting my 3yr old to ask me who the presents were for.  Once I explained she was determined to buy a gift to put under the tree herself, she even used her own money from her money box.  Here at Little Miracles we have always promoted the importance of helping others both in our own community and overseas. Please click here to read more about Little Miracles abroad.  We hope to make the concept of helping others part of everyday as well as the special work we do holding fundraisers for Bali Life and more recently for Hope Rwanda. Many people going through harder times often forget about those worse off than themselves and this is only natural, but it is important to remember that there are plenty of non-monetary ways to make a real difference. At Little Miracles we not only help with fundraising, but many of our staff dedicate their time to go and assist in the orphanage in Bali helping to educate the children. We would love to hear how you and your family help others and how you involve your children.