traditionWith Christmas just around the corner and many of us writing our lists and checking them twice I find myself thinking about Tradition and how important it is to establish Tradition in our homes.

Christmas seems to be the one holiday where Tradition trumps and everyone has their ‘thing’ that they hold on to that makes the season ever so special. Whether it be a special time to decorate, a special decoration or perhaps its more food related – Grandma’s sugar cookie recipe or Auntie Bron’s Pavlova is a MUST have on the Christmas menu. Maybe it’s your favourite seasonal food that is available at this time of year yet it could be attending your favourite Carols by Candlelight celebration or simply sun soaked days by the pool…. We all have something we love and something that attaches itself to this time of year and usually it’s something we share.

Tradition is important in the lives of families and children because it speaks of security. A confident knowing that we will do this or that food will be part of our experience has an amazing way of letting us know that even for a moment in time, everything is okay and life is good.

So, today as I gaze around my house and see the layers of tradition that Rob and I have built into our family over the years, can I encourage you to do the same. Find your thing and make it yours and let your children attach themselves to it. I know, as a mother of adult children and now as a Grandmother, there are things Rob and I have purposely put into this season that warm the hearts of my children and I see them establishing the same with their children.

Tradition helps build bonds that bring people together. Tradition can break dividing walls and as I said earlier, Tradition can simply let everyone know that all is okay in the world.

Let Tradition find a place to roost in your home and, if you already have special Tradtions share them with us on our Facebook Page, we would love to hear what matters to you.

Merry Christmas lovely ones.

Much love,

Susanna Bateman