words sb 1We’ve all heard about the power of positive thinking, good thoughts, sending the goodness of the universe and prayer to people or places. And, in saying that, you’ve heard me talk about the power of positive words and how we need to be speaking LIFE into our children, our partners and our circumstances.

Today, I’d like to take it a little further. Yes, I’d like to stretch our boundaries and push the conversation beyond what we would call ‘normal’. Here we go…. we all have power, whether that be brute force, strength or power in our position, our stature or our words. Power comes in many forms, and it is vital to our existence. For those who were without power in our recent storm, you know how valuable and necessary power is.

Power is something that can be used for good and it can be used for harm or bad – consider the current ruler of North Korea, Kim Jung-un. According to recent reports, he has used his power in an ill-fated way. Power is unbelievable, it can leave us gobsmacked and chin dropped for a myriad of reasons, the former mentioned being the worst of it’s kind.

As a parent, our power is a force to be reckoned. The power we have over our little ones is amazing. In fact, I remember a young parent who used to tell her children that she invented the Internet. For years, those little children believed her. Now I”m not condoning lying to your children that was the case with this parent, which turned out to be a very funny experience. Rather, I am encouraging you to use your power for good.

What does that look like practically? Well, if you (like me) believe in prayer then pray for your family. The power of prayer is not only documented in many spaces but in my life so very real. Use your power of words, use your power of simply being and example life to your little ones. Power is all around us and can be used to show and demonstrate so much about life. I recall countless stories I heard, during the recent storms, how parents spoke to their children about Power and its use. Now is a perfect time to continue that story or dialogue.

Parents, use the power you have in your children’s lives for good. Be an example. Show them good, show them the power of empathy, love, kind words, hope, prayer and so much more. We have been given this opportunity to be a light in their world and light is derived from power so do your best to be that source.

With much love,