the-power-of-playI love playtime. Even in my 60’s I find play so much fun – getting silly, laughing and spending time in a playful way is so fulfilling. Sound silly? Perhaps but I’m okay with it. Especially now that I have learned that play is, in fact, extremely beneficial for us. Studies prove that play improves so many areas of our lives.
Like most parents, I’m sure your kids have asked you to play more than you have time. I remember when my kids were little, they all wanted me to play with them. I recall making time to play with them, but more often than not, life would get in the way. Or rather I would let it. As a mother of four very active kids, our household was very busy.
I’ve always known the power of play and it’s something we certainly exhibit within our Little Miracles Centres. I’m glad I’ve had an understanding of this and that I did make time for and with my kids when they were little. That being said, I’m sure I could have done more and in hindsight I wish I had. Oh well, as it’s said, ‘You can’t cry over spilled milk’. I have no idea where that saying came from, but it’s a good one!
Lately, I’ve been thinking about the power of play and doing some reading about it. Play with our kids and on our own as adults, even. Funny to think that adults need to play, but it’s something that stimulates us in so many ways.
Psychology Today gives five ways where play influences us and helps us live well:
1. It Boosts Our Creativity.
2. It Helps us Think Outside the Box
3. It Improves Our Health.
4. It Makes Us Present.
5. It Connects Us.
I encourage you to read the article in full ‘5 Reasons You Need to Play More‘ it’s fleshes it out well, and you will finish reading ready to get out and play.
If you’re stuck with ideas on how to play with your kids here are some of my favourites:
  • Tip – Get out in the yard or on the beach and play a great game of tip. It’s fun; you’ll laugh and maybe even have a roll around
  • Board Games – Find a favourite board game that the everyone likes. Good ones for the little ones are: Operation/Connect Four/Life/Monopoly/Boggle
  • Charades – Always a fun one whether this is with the kids or with a group of adults
  • Mafia – This is a fun one again, with kids or with a group of adults
  • Hide-and-go-seek – Always a winner
  • Maro Polo – Summer is coming, and this is so much fun
  • Card Games – Find age appropriate ones
  • Table Tennis/Ping Pong – If you can, invest in a table, set it up and watch the dynamics of your family and friends unfold. Invite people over for a round robin tournament. It’s so much fun.

These are just a few ideas, of which, I’m sure you can add many others, and I’d love to hear about some of your favourites.

Enjoy your playtime.

Much love,