1Who can quantify the value of mothers? It’s actually impossible to do so. To put into words how valuable mothers are in the world is beyond anyone. The fruit of the labour of motherhood says it all. Every day in all cultures and societies, the powerful fruit of motherhood is being lived out right around the world, indeed shaping the world. Mothers truly are, along with Fathers, the most influential people in history.

We mothers help shape history as we develop and shape the lives that are entrusted to us in our children. We will never do a perfect job, and that is such a valuable thing to know deep within us as mothers, because if we feel we have to be perfect, we will crash under the pressure of such an unrealistic expectation.

However, when we know what an important role we play in society and the history of the world, we will appreciate ourselves more and be in a better place in which to be the best mother we can be. As we look at history, we can read account after account of how a mother has moulded and shaped leaders who have lead countries,
companies, armies, churches, etc. Some have been good leaders, and some have been poor leaders. The stronger the child has felt valued and loved in their formative years; the fruit has been a stronger leader, can make wise decisions empowering the people they are leading adding value to them and helping them reach their full potential. We as mothers and grandmothers are all raising children who are people of influence.

Our children don’t have to grow up to be the heads of countries, companies, etc., to be people of influence. Our children will be influencers wherever and however they chose to live their lives. We are all influencers as we walk through life and live in relationships private and professionally. As mothers, we are personal coaches creating the future world; we can make all the difference as to what the future world looks like. Isn’t that just amazing!

Never underestimate the power that is within you, use it wisely knowing that you can make all the difference between your child growing up to be someone who adds value to society or someone who devalues society. There is an old saying that says, “the hand that rocks the cradle is the hand that rules the world.” I think there is a lot of truth in this saying!!!

Mothers and Grandmothers are some of the most valuable and powerful influences of this world. I want to congratulate all you mothers and grandmothers for the love and devotion you display towards your children. Be encouraged that all those hard times, sleepless nights, football games, trips to the doctors, school functions, teacher interviews (good and bad), cleaning up after them, running them around to all their activities, a house full of hungry friends and arguments with strong willed children. These are all completely worth it when they have grown adults that are adding value to the society they live.

I consider myself to be one very blessed mother as I watch my adult children, and their amazing spouses, live their lives adding value wherever they go and shaping this world to be a place worth while living in not only for themselves but others as well.

I want to encourage all of you young mothers that as you give of yourself and invest into your children’s lives, be confident, that you are a World Developer and World Changer, even when it doesn’t feel like you are because you are a MOTHER!!!!

I have a little clip that I hope adds value to you. Press play on the button below. I remain with the belief that the true value of motherhood is beyond words.

Screen Shot 2016-06-03 at 12.32.09 pm

Be blessed and keep up the great work.

Susanna xx