Albert Einstein once said, “We cannot solve our problems at the same level we created them.”

I love this saying and all that it implies for us. If we look closely and meditate on it, the message in it is so very powerful. So often when we come across problems (and we all do if we are alive and breathing), we keep our focus on them at the same level that they were created and wonder why we feel defeated by them.

It isn’t necessarily easy, however, we have to approach our problems at another level from which they were created. Sometimes we create our own problems and sometimes they are created for us by someone or something else outside of our control. Problems are situations that are always very unwelcome however they need to be dealt with and overcome so we can move forward in life.

It’s never the problem that determines the true outcome, it’s always our approach to it that is the biggest determining factor. What was Einstein saying to us all? We know he was one of the pioneering thinkers, inventors AND PROBLEM SOLVERS in history, and he impacted us indirectly with his work. But more specifically, how is he wanting to impact us with this statement.

“We cannot solve our problems at the same level we created them.”

I have learnt in life, to sit and view the problem from a defeated mindset will inevitably give us a defeated outcome, one we hate to live in. I think Einstein was trying to tell us we need a shift in our thinking. We need to go to a level that will help us see light above the problem rather than sink lower or stay where we are.

I know it’s not always easy to do this and hopefully, there are strategies that you have found to empower you and to become greater problem solvers. If we don’t, we will be overcome by the problem rather than overcome it.

I wanted to share with you all some strategies I have prepared for myself so that when I find myself with a problem, I can shift my level of thinking and ultimately, the outcome. I have found these strategies definitely empower me to live a life of overcoming instead of being overcome by the inevitable problems that either I create for myself or others create for me.

  1. Prayer. This is my automatic go-to, it always gives me confidence knowing God has the bigger picture and always knows so much more than me.
  2. Honest People. I am so appreciative to have reliable, honest people around me that I can confide in to help me get a healthy perspective on the problem.
  3. Nature Walks. Walking in nature creates a space for my mind to be calm and clear so I can put things into perspective.
  4. Bible Verses. I have my favourite verse in the bible for just these types of situations. It is Romans 8:28 and it says, ‘and we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him’.I find when I sit in this, declare it out and believe it, it gives me the confidence to rise to another level.
  5. Growth Opportunities. I try to deliberately see the problem as an opportunity for growth. I can always learn something out of every situation that comes my way if I want to and if I am open to it and sure enough, I always do. Einstein was right, we have to be above our problems to solve them. It’s amazing how the problem doesn’t seem nearly so big and suddenly its power is completely lost over me.

I hope these pointers empower you, and remember, don’t approach the problem at the same level it occurred. Let me know some of the strategies you have, I could learn from them I am sure.