At Little Miracles, we value all children, that’s why we aim to continuously support and develop Bali life orphanage.  After Little Miracles last Staff Training day, Tori from our Brookvale centre heard about the lack of resources and activities for the children in Bali Life. Aware that there was only one bike in the whole centre Tori felt urged to do something about this. “I discussed this issue with the children at my centre and they all felt empathy for the Bali Life kids that only had one bike, so we come up with a “wheely day” fundraiser”

Tori’s fundraiser was a huge success, with $10 a ticket per family, lots of families turn up for the enjoyable day. Even families that couldn’t be there on the day were happy to contribute. “We were aiming to raise $200 on the day but actually raised $400!” says Tori, who was very excited about the accomplishment. The money was enough to purchase 7 bikes for the Bali Life kids.

Tori made a trip to Bali to visit the Bali life kids, going in with an open mind she passionately said “All the children were amazing, welcoming and generous.They were extremely grateful for the gift we were able to give them.” Tori said it was one of the most amazing and eye-opening experiences, and how wonderful it is to see the changes she, along with everyone who helps contribute to our Bali Life mission, is making.

Tori is very excited about the upcoming transformations to the centre. ” They are building a bigger centre and turning the current centre into a women’s refugee to help encourage women to keep their children and support them in doing so”

A big Thankyou to all the parents who supported the fundraiser and a big thank you to Tori!