Well lovely parents, the weekend is here and isn’t the weather beautiful. Following on from last weeks article, where I spoke about spending time that matters and ‘Walk A Mile in Their Shoes’ I thought I would give a few suggestions in an effort to help build relationships during the Weekend Days. As we transition from the chilly winter mornings to the long, lazy days of summer I’d like to take the opportunity to encourage you to get out and enjoy the outdoors with your family.

Children love being outside and they love having fun with their parents, they actually love seeing us laughing and being silly sometimes. I understand that our schedules can be busy and that the demands on our life are, at times, very big but as this beautiful weather envelopes us, please grab hold of the opportunity to explore your outdoor spaces with your family. Allow the extra time on the weekend to enhance your family relationships.

In this age of technology and connectivity, I realise how easy to let children spend their time engaged in online activities through games, the Xbox, Wii or Playstation. As compelling and captivating as these activities are to children; I can guarenttee you they will jump at the opportunity to spend some quality time with you doing the simple things like:

Going to the beach & building a sandcastle

• Going on a bushwalk or a picnic

• Bike Rides • Building something in the Garage

• Find a basketball court and play a game

• Plant a veggie or herb Garden Click HERE

• Bake or cook something new and exciting for a family dinner (here’s a great recipe from my friend, Susan – ‘Chicken Burgers with a Twist‘. Perfect for this time of year)

These are simple, inexpensive ways to enjoy time together as a family.

Our children were raised on the Central Coast and I remember how Rob and I enjoyed spending hours on the beach with our children. The laughter coupled with the roar of the ocean, the sun kissed smiles, the hot chips or sandy picnic lunches and a tired drive home equalled a day well spent. Some of our best memories are from days like this, when the weather started to feel like summer and we shed our layers for our beach towels and threw caution to the wind and enjoyed one another.

So, as we have been discussing relationships and spending quality time together, let this weekend be one where you build into your families through time and laughter. Turn the phone and computer off, silence the outside noise and simply enjoy your family and build memories that will last a lifetime.

Much love,