As a child, 2020 seemed so far away, almost out of reach. In fact, I don’t recall ever hearing of anyone mentioning the year 2020. I think back to the year 2000 when we were all convinced that Y2K was going to change the way we lived and worked forever. Many of our Little Miracles parents were probably young children during the early 2000s, and Y2K probably sounds strange to you. But, we fell into the trap of believing that it was going to be this significant change in life. Some stocked up on water, non-perishable items and hid money in jars around their homes. We all watched as the clock ticked past the midnight hour and into January 1, 2000. We were all amazed when the world didn’t come crashing down. The banks were still in business and food remained available. We all made it, and life went on almost as if nothing had happened. If you’re unsure about what Y2K is, you can read about it here.


Although 2020 doesn’t carry the fear 2000 brought with it, it still has mystery attached to it. Twenty Twenty commands attention. Like we’ve all arrived somewhere, and no one really knows where we are going. It’s like we’ve been standing in one of those long lines at Disneyland and we’ve reached the front of Space Mountain, and the ride is about to take off, and no one knows what to expect. At least that’s what I feel like I’ve heard through conversations and things I’ve read.

2020 is going to see significant changes indeed. Baby boomers (Rob and I) are all moving into our 70’s so there will be a shift there not that any of us plan to slow down at all but just a natural change. Millennials, of which, are many of our Little Miracles parents and you are all moving into your 30’s and 40’s. With that means significant changes in the financial world, property market and beyond. Technology is moving forward at rapid speed, we are hearing more about self-driving cars, Artificial Intelligence – AI (which many of us are already engaging with and perhaps don’t even realise), 5G Data Networks, Computer Vision and the list goes on. Individuals of any age are becoming household names thought Instagram, Tik Tok and of course, YouTube.

So much is moving forward. However, in and through all of this change, there is one thing in my life that remains constant. One thing that I have come to know as a necessity in my life. It’s simple, uncomplicated and grounds me so even as change happens, as uncertainty wafts through the air this one thing anchors me. This one thing is PRAYER.

As the world gets louder and life (for all of us) gets busier, we must find our piece of the planet that allows us to rest and cast our concerns elsewhere. It is through my daily prayer life that I remain focussed on that which is in front of me. I have lived for many years, and it is my prayer life that keeps me.

As you enter 2020 may I encourage you to find your peace and to intentionally create space to pause every day and to take stalk of your life? Prayer is a beautiful way to unload, to find release and to let go of that which is out of your control. Let us all live lives with our head, heart and hands facing upward in a posture to receive and to let go.

Much love and prayer to you and your family as you welcome the New Year. May 2020 be a fantastic year for all and may you be captivated by moments of prayer and quiet.