Recently we’ve been talking alot about boundaries and I find this subject quite interesting. Boundaries define our lives. Whether it be the land we own, the State we live in or the sports we play, boundaries define the parameters in which we can and do operate.

Boundaries provide distinct guidelines providing a structure within. Boundaries are lines that cannot be broken and that must be adhered to. As I’ve mentioned in earlier articles, setting boundaries for my children was a great way to teach them along the road of independance. I loved watching the boundary lines expand and their little lives grow with them.

Today, I’d like to focus more on the boundaries that we, as parents, put into place. Recently, I was having coffee with a young friend of mine and she was telling me about a television show she watched. She had heard a lot about Game of Thrones, which I’ve come to learn is a very popular series and has captivated many couples. I’m not sure what your thoughts are in regards to this series but I was interested to learn what my friend thought.

My friend decided to sit down and watch the show and was surprised at what she discovered. Now, I don’t want to go into much of the detail regarding the show as I prefer not to give much airtime to things that fall outside of my personal boundary lines. However, for the pursposes of this article I understand I need to provide context. What my friend quickly learned was that this particular series was nothing more than explicit material being shared on TV. Another opportunity to push individuals boundaries in terms of what is appropriate during Prime Time. The show did have an impact on her as after watching it, she decided that there were areas of her life that she decided were ‘boring’. Did the show help her or, did the show encourage her to push her boundary lines out and step into spaces that she had promised never to tred?

With my friend, she came to the conclusion that she had (indeed) gone into a space that was previously off limits and now had the task of pulling the tent pegs back and re-establishing her boundary lines.

I share this with you today simply to ask the question: ‘What are you letting in?’ Understanding that we are body, soul and spirit and we need to manage and protect all three it’s important to realise that we can open areas of our lives. Upon opening these areas, we run the risk of things sticking to us or perhaps what we’ve let in may cause us to weaken our existing resolves.

What are you letting in? What are you watching, listening to and even reading? Protect yourself and feed on healthy things that will minister and speak to your body, soul and spirit. Take time to find words or music that soothe you and create some quiet time for you. In my case, I love to find a bible verse that I can rest on and think through. I find great solice in prayer and often find my mind wandering through a list of people or things to pray about. Let things in that will build you from the inside out. Choose to silence the whispers that encourage you to let the boundaries lines slip. When the urge comes and you are considering pushing the boundary lines back remember, you have tiny eyes and ears watching, listening and learning from you. Choose wisely what you let in.

Much love,