Recently I’ve been talking about our words and how powerful words are. I won’t go back into it but I encourage those who haven’t read to go back and read ‘Words that Hurt and Words that Hurt & Words that Heal Part 1 & Words that Hurt & Words that Heal Part 2′. I’m a big believer in the power of the spoken word.

As I’ve been thinking about this in context of these articles, I’ve also been thinking about the things our kids see and hear outside of our conversations with them. With gaming stations, social media and looser restrictions on television, I am shocked at the content that our babes are being exposed to at such young ages.

Whether it be the level of violence on the Xbox or Playstation or the ads that come on TV during the ‘non prime time’ hours. Or perhaps it’s as simple as the news reports on the drive to school. Our kids are seeing and hearing things that trouble their little souls. Constant shooting, yelling and profanities that plague the online games or even thinking about our kids hearing about the latest airline disasters and then we wonder why they are acting up and stressed whilst we take them on what should be fun family getaways.

Stress, anxiety, nervous system challenges are just a few of the most common problems for children right now. I can’t help but think it has something to do with the constant bombardment of inappropriate viewing and hearing.

My suggestion is simple. I strongly encourage you to engage with your children when it comes to their viewing pleasure. Even if it’s as innocent as watching TV before bedtime engage with them and know what is landing on them. When it lands on them, they have to do something about it, they have to process it in some way. Children aren’t able to process most of what is handed to them. They are dealing with adult issues and it is incumbent upon us that we help them by protecting their eyes, ears and hearts.

I hope this helps and I encourage you to know because with knowledge you can lead and you can teach.

With love,