Smiling is such an underestimated resource for those who are doing the smiling and for those who receive them.

We Make Someone’s Day

Smiling is one of the things I just love to do when I am out and about, and particularly shopping, I love to deliver a heartfelt smile to people in the shopping centre and watch their response. Often, I will see people who look a bit sad or worried, so I always love to give them the gift of a genuine smile and watch their overall body language change to be positive.

I know it doesn’t change their circumstances however, I see it lift their spirits even just for a minute which means they and I feel great and we both have a better day overall. Shopping is not one of my favourite activities, I am sure I missed out on some female genes in that one. I know there is a stereotype that women enjoy shopping, however, I like shopping only when I have a need. I know what I’m looking for, I buy it and leave. The best thing about shopping for me is when I see someone I haven’t seen for a while and we have a quick catch up about how life is going.

I have trained myself to go to the shops with an attitude of looking for people I can add value to without saying a word, just giving them a genuine smile to receive and feel good about.

This last Sunday, I found myself needing to go shopping for pyjamas that would keep me warm in this cold weather we are experiencing. So off I went wondering who I could give the gift of a smile to and of course I found many, one lady stood out to me though. I was walking through the men’s clothing section in my way to the women’s nightwear and she caught my eye.

She was looking very concerned about something, of course, I have no idea what that was (nor did I need to) but still, I could offer her a gift that just might lift her spirits. I looked straight in her eyes and smiled as if she was someone I knew and was pleased to see.

At first, she was taken back and looked tentative, then when she realised that I was expecting nothing in return, her face lit up and she gave me a beautiful smile back as I walked passed her. Of course, we both went on with our own agendas and our shopping, however, we both received something special that cost nothing but a little thought for someone else.

We Change Our Attitude

You see, a smile has been proved by science to stop a negative mindset, smiling can actually rewire the circuit in the brain to help produce a positive attitude. When we smile with our eyes and mouth, science actually calls this the Duchenne smile. I find it very interesting the effects of this Duchenne smile. The section of your brain that is involved in decision-making gives you the ability to make good decisions and more able to think situations through rationally, it becomes more effective when we give a Duchenne

Smiling actually not only makes you and the recipient happier, it also makes you more intelligent. Have you noticed how smiling is contagious? Following with the lady I was speaking about earlier, her whole countenance changed as she responded to my smile with a smile back to me. We were both blessed because we are designed to respond to a genuine smile.

We Become Healthier and More Intelligent – science proves it.

According to Doctor Caroline Leaf, the mirror neurons we are created with, wire our brain to respond with a burst of feel-good chemicals that lift our spirits and intellect and so it’s hard not to respond with a smile back. She also says that smiling can improve not only your health but the health of people around you, so let’s give the gift of a smile to more people.

It amazes me how we are all created so complex and how we all have the power to make such a difference by a simple thing like a genuine smile. Try it and see how it changes your day and the day of those around you both strangers and those you love.

By the way, yes, I found just what I was looking for to keep myself warm at night while not too warm when the hot flushes come (that’s whole other story) and I also found some lovely nighties for Rob’s 97-year-old mother and she just loved them.

Stay warm and smile more in the next few weeks.