I am more and more convinced that our thoughts are so much more powerful than we have ever realised. It is more commonly known now that our thoughts have the capacity to produce life or death and indeed, what we think is what we become.

I find it so interesting how there is so much information about how to live a healthy life by exercising and eating a healthy diet, and very little on how to have a healthy thought life. Having a healthy thought life helps tremendously to having a healthy body. Where our minds, go our bodies follow, and the brain is a bit like our heart, small in size but such a necessary and powerful part of who we are.

What we are feeding our brain through our thoughts, will create a healthy brain or an unhealthy brain. Our capability to live a full and satisfying life depends on a healthy brain and our thought life is a huge component to achieving this. How do we do this?

1. Are your thoughts healthy?

As parents and grandparents, we need to be checking that our thoughts are healthy. Are we being critical, do we speak out fear, do we expect things to go wrong or are we looking for the positive side in all situations? Life can throw us some really difficult situations at times and it’s hard to always be seeing the advantages and not focusing on the disadvantages, I get that, we all face those times.

However, I have found if we deliberately set out each day in the ordinary every day and come across small challenges, as we choose to have a positive outlook, looking for the advantage in the situation, it trains us to be able to do the same in the bigger challenges.

Our children watch us, you can see them copying our attitudes, our thought patterns, the way we use our thoughts productively or destructively. The brain needs to be healthy for our children to learn at school, their thought life can increase their brain’s health or decrease it, so we need to teach them to use their thoughts to their advantage.

2. Are your choices and experiences healthy?

We create healthy or unhealthy minds through our experiences and choices, they create our worldview, which in turn impacts our thoughts, words and actions. Our experiences and choices are our filters, they reflect what enters our senses and create our mental architecture. The good news is though that we can effectively help ourselves and our children to have healthy filters that create healthy brains by choosing to speak encouraging words that build ourselves and our children up.

3. Stop and check what we let in.

Let’s all stop and check what thoughts we allow into our minds, are we focusing on the negative or are we focusing on what is good and lovely. I know my days always go much better and are much more productive when I choose to see the good in people and situations especially when things go wrong.

It is incredible how outcomes are turned around when met with a positive mindset, it doesn’t mean everything turns out exactly as I would like, however, the outcome is always much better than when I have a negative mindset towards the challenge. You are in control of your mindset, you have the power to develop your brain or to shrink it and that power is in your thought life. Go, enjoy developing a healthy strong brain and body by choosing your thoughts well.

4. Spend a day.

Experiment for yourself, spend a day looking for and thinking about everything that’s wrong in your day and then spend a day looking for and thinking about everything, even the smallest thing that is good in your day and see what a difference it makes. You have the power, how will you use it, where your mind goes, your brain follows.