Yesterday while running through the garden my daughter slipped and fell bumping her mouth quite hard, after checking her teeth and mouth my husband asked me if we should get a dentist to check her as he thought one of them wobbled. She hasn’t seen a dentist before and it got me thinking, should she have had her first check-up yet? A brief asking around of friends with similar age children produced a very wide range of responses so I looked into it further.

“The Australian Dental Association (ADA) doesn’t have a set starting age for regular visits, but points out that early visits can prevent minor problems from becoming major ones. If, however, your toddler’s teeth are obviously discoloured, crooked or causing him pain – you’ll probably want to take him to the dentist sooner rather than later.”

Several other sources have suggested anytime between your child’s first birthday through to when they turn 3 are suitable times to start taking them to the dentist with most leaning towards when the child is 1. If your child is older than that then don’t worry,  they will still benefit from a check-up.

In regards to dental health we suggest the following;

  • Regular brushing of the teeth at least twice a day using a soft bristled tooth brush and a low fluoride toothpaste.
  • Help your child brush correctly and for at least 2 minutes.
  • Limit drinks other than water to meal times, ideally only offer milk or water to your child.
  • Limit sugary foods, especially in-between meals.
  • Ensure you brush your child’s teeth after any bedtime milk they may have.

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