We are heading into preschool graduation and Christmas concert season, it’s hard to believe it’s that time of year already! For many parents this is a highly anticipated event where they get to watch their child up on stage for the first time. However we also get a lot of questions and even criticisms, questions like;

“Aren’t they a bit young for all of this?”

“My child’s not graduating; do I still need to come to the concert?”

“My child is very shy and I know she won’t want to go on the stage, why should I bother coming?”

There are many reasons why we hold these events

  • They are a celebration of the year we have shared with your child.
  • They help to build community within the centre through building relationships between staff and parents and also between the parents. We strongly believe your children benefit from these positive relationships. Getting to know the parents of your child’s friends and even socialising with them away from the centre is great way to help your child feel more comfortable.
  • Working towards goals helps to build a sense or achievement and positive self-esteem for the children as well as many other skills. Even if they do choose to just watch their friends or sing while sitting with their parents they still know they practised with them.  We want to reassure parents that not wanting to participate is completely normal and totally acceptable. Repetition is a useful learning tool for children so they will still have benefitted from practising for the concert.

As preschool educators we are aware this is a new type of experience for many children so as well as practicing the songs for the concert, we also spend time talking about how there will be many people watching, that their families will be there, we talk about the cameras flashing and most importantly that if they have any concerns or fears they can come straight to us at any time. We also talk about the concert being for fun and that is what we want them to have. We encourage you to have similar talks with your child, let them know what to expect and that you will be there if they need you.

We would love to see all of our amazing families attending our concerts this year, enjoy the concert and encourage your child to participate and not to worry if they don’t. Enjoy the time with your family.

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