I came across a post in Facebook this week that really excited me. This video and what this woman shares sits so well with my philosophy about the power of our words and our beliefs in others potential.
As you would all be aware from previous blogs I have written, I believe very strongly in what we speak into and over others lives will either breathe life or death into them and their futures. When a child hears words from an adult that are full of condemnation and criticism they will lose their sense of self worth and never understand or appreciate their value and significance. A child up until around age eight will accept what parents, teachers and people of influence in their lives say to be truth even if it isn’t truth.
On the contrary, when we speak words of defeat and discouragement pointing out their short comings and expecting very little for their future, they will soon take those words on and they will eventually shape their identity. The opposite is true as well, when we speak into their potential showing them how wonderful they are, adding value to them and believing in their potential whether that potential is obvious to us or them right now or not, we are creating an identity that speaks of worth and confidence in who they are and who they are becoming.
It is imperative that we as adults, parents, grandparents, teachers, coaches, aunts, uncles understand this because we have the amazing opportunity to set them up for a life of abundance or a life of defeat.
We can make or break future generations by the words we speak over and into them. I say “into” them because words have the power to go deep within their little spirits where they will hold them, believing them to be true and where they grow and produce fruit of either life or death. Once words of condemnation and defeat are embedded in their spirits it is very hard to remove them, however as you will see in this video if someone will truly believe in them and value them they can begin to be free.
You see words will either empower or disempower, they will either bind people up in chains and hold them down or place wings on their backs and enable them to fly. Watch this video, think about who you have empowered to go higher in life with your words. It can be a child or an adult, we all can be cut down or built up by words no matter what age we are. Words have power.
Watch and be inspired to value and empower others in your world.

Much love,