soul pancake

What an amazing statement. Did you know you were made to be awesome? Maybe you’ve heard that before and maybe you have been bold enough to believe it. If so, keep going because you were born for such a time as this and the world needs you in this season, at this time, right now. Perhaps you’ve never heard this and if that’s the case then (today) can I tell you that YOU Were MADE to be Awesome and I for one am so glad you are on the planet RIGHT NOW.
That’s right. It’s a bold statement and I have chosen to believe it. In that, I have tried my hardest to walk it. Yes, there are times, days, weeks and months that I have struggled through. Struggle street has been a well known path for me. However, I continually choose to rise up, to shake off whatever dirt has gathered on my feet in order to live the awesome life that has been designed for me. You too can walk in this space, we can all carve out our unique paradigm and leave our mark – whatever that looks like.
I have shared a video from SoulPancake with you in the past and today I would like to share another one. I encourage you to share this with your family, let your children see it, share it on your social spaces and let those in your sphere of influence know that awesome is, indeed, their portion and it’s incumbant that we all begin to walk in the fullness of who we are created to be. Like me, I KNOW you will enjoy the wisdom shared by this incredible young man.
Enjoy friends and please enjoy the minutes, hours and days ahead as you are reminded to be AWESOME.

Much love,