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8 Easy Preschool Science Experiments You Can Do at Home

Whoever said learning can’t be fun got it all wrong!

If there’s anything kids love, it’s playing and exploring as much as they can. As a parent, it helps to know that there are ways to integrate learning opportunities with activities that kids will find fun.
Especially if it involves science!

So, let’s explore some preschool science experiments that you can do at home so you can bond with your kids while teaching them some important science concepts.

What are preschool science experiments?

There are a number of easy preschool science experiments that you can do with your kids so you can start teaching them even before they start school. These DIY easy science experiments are fun, simple and designed to teach kids important concepts in an engaging way using only household items and a bit of brain power.

Why are science experiments essential to the development of preschoolers?

During the early stages of development, it’s important for children to participate in activities that help improve their perspective, self-confidence, critical thinking and problem-solving and other skills.

The benefits of science experiments for preschoolers include the following:

Fun experiments promote a love of learning and exploration at an early age.

Because kids love to play and have fun, it can be great to add a learning element to the activities that they enjoy doing and vice versa. Science experiments can make learning really intriguing and engaging for young minds. Showing this to kids while they’re young can also encourage a passion for lifelong learning.

DIY preschool science experiments also help introduce scientific literacy to children.

Promoting literacy at a young age is important. Science experiments help introduce basic science concepts and encourage kids to explore the world around them. They don’t even have to be complicated – it’s just about understanding and demonstrating, for example, the properties of water or knowing how planes fly using household items.

Fun experiments are great parent-child bonding experiences.

Positive parent-child relationships help with developing children. Beyond learning, enjoyable science experiments give parents like you an opportunity to spend quality time with your kids.

Try out these 8 easy preschool science experiments at home!

1. Walking Water

For this walking water experiment, you only need food colouring, water and paper towels. As you watch the colours move from one cup to the next, kids can observe how capillary action works in a fun and colourful way!

2. Glitter Germ Experiment

This is a fun way to teach kids about hygiene practices. With just glitter, water and dish soap, kids can learn how soap repels glitter and protects us from germs.

3. Balloon Car

Newton’s Balloon Car demonstrates Newton’s laws of motion by using household items like balloons, plastic straws and plastic bottle lids. Creating this balloon-powered race car helps with fine motor skills and it’s a science experiment that kids will absolutely enjoy!

4. Bearded Balloon

Save some of those balloons for this balloon, salt & pepper experiment. Just inflate that balloon, rub it with a woollen cloth and be amazed as pepper sticks to it without touching – is it magic or static electricity?

5. “Magic” Leakproof Bag

Using only a plastic zip lock bag, water and some sharp pencils, you can show kids the magic of flexible plastic polymer. Fill the bag with water and let the kids poke the bag with the pencil – and voila – no leaks!

6. Sink or Float

This simple “will it float?” activity is a great way to learn about density. Just check and see which items will sink or float in water. Add a guessing game before dropping the items in to make this science experiment even more fun!

7. Lava Lamp

Your kids can also enjoy this DIY lava lamp experiment. Just mix oil and water in a clear bottle, drop a quarter of an Alka-Setzer tablet and get amazed at your very own lava lamp, all powered by the science behind acids and bases.

8. Doodle Comes To Life

Make your kids’ drawings come to life with this fun science experiment. You can make their dry-erase marker drawings levitate by simply adding water – not magic, just insoluble ink!

You can do all of these easy preschool science experiments from the comfort of your home and prepare your kids for school. Just don’t forget to have lots and lots of fun together!

Who knows? You might be raising the world’s next top Physicist, Chemist or Biologist! You just have to start their educational journey right and guide them as they discover their love for science and learning while they’re young.

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