Preschoolers are like sponges.

They absorb knowledge and experiences at a rapid pace and use this to start building the foundations of their future learning and development.

While many parents will focus on creative and social activities during this time, did you know that it’s equally vital to introduce your little ones to STEM activities for preschoolers?

Let’s find out why!

What is STEM

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. It’s a multidisciplinary approach to education and problem-solving that focuses on critical thinking, innovation, and the connection of each of these fields to drive humans forward.

The importance of STEM for early education

STEM fields are pivotal to progress in today’s world.

From curing diseases to developing cutting-edge technology, these fields are shaping the future of humanity.

You might be wondering, why then should STEM be emphasised in preschool? Aren’t STEM ideas a little much for young, developing minds?

No, not at all. Here’s why!

1. It’s learning that feels like play

The best part is that STEM activities aren’t only mind-opening, they can be highly creative and fun as well!

When done correctly, STEM activities in preschool can feel a lot more like play than learning. We will unpack this even further with some exciting examples of STEM activities to try with your children.

2. Early STEM learning levels the gender playing field

One of the best aspects of introducing STEM to preschoolers is its potential to make these fields more accessible for women.

Historically, there has been an enormous gender gap in STEM professions, however, by nurturing an interest in these subjects from an early age, we can help bridge this gap.

We believe both girls and boys should feel empowered to explore STEM fields without any notions of gender roles getting in their way.

The importance of scientific and logical thinking

Encouraging your little ones to start thinking about STEM sooner rather than later not only improves their learning experiences in the moment but also sets a strong foundation for future learning and social interactions.

This is all thanks to the emphasis on scientific and logical thinking!

Early exposure to STEM concepts and scientific and logical thinking has been shown to enhance problem-solving skills, critical thinking, and logical reasoning in children.

STEM education encourages children to ask questions, explore, and discover, fostering a sense of curiosity and a love for learning that will benefit them throughout their lives.

Not only that, STEM activities even encourage children to observe, hypothesise, and test their ideas.

For example, when a preschooler builds a tower of blocks and it falls over, they begin to understand the concepts of cause and effect. This type of thinking lays the groundwork for problem-solving in more complex situations later in life.

So, how can you incorporate STEM ideas into your little ones’ learning journey?

5 easy and affordable STEM activities

1. Marble run fun

Craft a simple marble run with cardboard, plates, tape or any other household items. This will help your little one explore engineering concepts and spark their creativity.

2. Puzzle, puzzles, and more puzzles

That’s right, STEM activities can be as simple as puzzles. Start with easy jigsaw puzzles, and slowly make them harder and more interesting to improve your child’s spatial and problem-solving skills.

3. Splish-splash fun

This one can get wet and wild so it’s great on a hot summer’s day. Use water, funnels, cups, and syringes to explore volume, buoyancy, and gravity, providing hours of fun and learning.

4. Sunny shadows

An easy way to teach your little one about light and movement is to let them play with their shadow. Observe changing shadows and get them to create shapes and patterns by moving their body!

5. Shape, sort & build

Sometimes, even the most common activities are fantastic for your child’s development. Sit them down to sort and build with triangles, squares, and circles to introduce geometry and improve their fine motor skills.

Looking for a childcare centre that will nurture your child’s STEM skills?

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Our main priority is to keep kids interested and their minds challenged in an environment where your child feels loved, valued, safe and free to develop their full emotional and social potential.

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